[tex-live] using depot

Karl Berry karl at freefriends.org
Tue Feb 10 18:34:37 CET 2004

    Perhaps someone can send me his setup, please?

I dunno about read-only, I wouldn't bother to try.  As long as you don't
do any p4 submits, you won't affect the repository.

Here are my notes, FWIW, mostly thanks to Norbert:

p4 manual:
  p4 help

# envvars for .profile:
P4PORT=sun.dante.de:1666; export P4PORT
P4USER=somename; export P4USER
P4PASSWD=somepw; export P4PASSWD
P4CLIENT=anothername; export P4CLIENT  # i use USERHOST, e.g., karltug

# create user, no particular options needed:
p4 user
# create client, set options  clobber modtime rmdir:
p4 client
# can run p4 user -o, p4 client -o to dump current user/client specs to stdout.

# check out the entire repository (~1.4gb):
mkdir $mysrc
cd $mysrc

# open file(s) for editing:
p4 edit filename

# add new files:
p4 add filename

# when ready to commit:
p4 submit

rcs expansion: p4 reopen -t text+k FILE...  $Id$  $Date$  $Author$
emacs: (require 'p4)
p4/cvs comparison: http://www.perforce.com/perforce/technotes/note067.html

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