[tex-live] Re: Bizarre perforce situation

Norbert Preining preining at logic.at
Mon Feb 9 09:32:26 CET 2004

On Sam, 07 Feb 2004, Thomas Esser wrote:
> The changed settings in texmf.in would be:
>     % The tree containing the runtime files closely related to the specific
>     % program version used:
>     TEXMFMAIN = @texmf@
>     % The main distribution tree:
>     TEXMFDIST = @texmf at -dist

These settings made it into 
which is not really good:

TEXMFMAIN = @texmf@
% The main distribution tree:
TEXMFDIST = @texmf at -dist

Who/When will be made the switch to texmfdist and texmf?

BTW: I really think this is a good idea. I have been using this now
since at least one year, but in a bit different way: I got rid op
texmf-local and use


thus my texmf.cnf and other config files are used. I think this will
change to


no change for me ;-)

Best wishes


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