[tex-live] Re: Bizarre perforce situation

Thomas Esser te at dbs.uni-hannover.de
Sun Feb 8 19:44:19 CET 2004

> Something else is missing as well: TEXMFDIST must be added to

Yup, thanks. I'll use this for teTeX. TeX Live (for some reasons unknown
to me) has SYSTEXMF = $TEXMF in texmf.in.

> Arguably, using VARTEXMF instead of TEXMFMAIN to store
> formats is better.  Arguably, it is not, if you consider VARTEXMF to
> be volatile in the sense of "delete-when-convenient".

Setting VARTEXMF is optional and it is unset in the default configuration.
If it is set, formats will be stored there.


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