[tex-live] Re: Bizarre perforce situation

Thomas Esser te at dbs.uni-hannover.de
Sat Feb 7 22:45:28 CET 2004

> The answer is, of course, to maintain the texmf/web2c directory in with 
> the source, not with the genuinely system-independent tree.

I like the idea to separate these things and it is easy enough to do by
adding one more texmf tree to the list in texmf.cnf.

Basically, I am with Gerben, i.e. to put the "make install"-generated
files into a texmf tree of their own and to take these files out of the
other texmf tree.

For several technical reasons, the "make install" tree has to be
Master/texmf and set up as $TEXMFMAIN. The large texmf tree could be
Master/texmf-dist and set up as $TEXMFDIST. teTeX could follow this

The changed settings in texmf.in would be:

    % The tree containing the runtime files closely related to the specific
    % program version used:
    TEXMFMAIN = @texmf@

    % The main distribution tree:
    TEXMFDIST = @texmf at -dist




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