[tex-live] pdftex problem with current p4 depot texconfig

Hans Hagen pragma at wxs.nl
Sat Feb 7 16:11:15 CET 2004

At 08:15 07/02/2004, you wrote:

> > Just curious, is this a generic feature, i.e. 'any program config' ?
>No, kpathsea supports a fixed list of search path and each can be
>used by kpsewhich. The source is in tex-file.c:


ah, thanks for the explanation, nice concept

>does this guess based on the file extension and this works fine
>for most search formats. E.g. vf / tfm are always guessed correctly.

talking of suffixes, is it possible to add support for fast html and pdf 
searching (handy for documentation) as well as pl,rb,py (handy for 
utilities) and maybe even xml (for sources) [i mean the suffixes that are 
also reported with --help)

>Config files are a problem, because many programs have them and there
>is no clear namespace by extension. There are even tex input files
>named .cfg, so we cannot "register" the .cfg extension to any of
>these programs (like pdftex which has pdftex.cfg).

a pitty, since we no longer have msdos around, is there a solution in 
whatever.pdftex.cfg, e.e. double suffixes?

>To make kpsewhich more user-friendly, it has a hard-weired guess for
>some file names. This list used to include e.g. psfonts.map, but this
>exception could be removed which the new restructuring for map files.
>Yesterday, I have added a special case for pdftex.cfg, so people
>can now say
>   kpsewhich pdftex.cfg
>In all my scripts, I don't rely on any guess of kpsewhich. I explicitly
>select the search path.

maybe also hardwire an alias for pdfetex.cfg given spqr's suggestion to 
move to pdfetex (some day we may have to consider how to handle the 
extension axis, e ml enc  etc)

(the more thinsg we fix now, the easier it will be to announce tex live 
2004 [nice binary number] as 'the new tex' thing)


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