[tex-live] let's make some decisions

Hans Hagen pragma at wxs.nl
Sat Feb 7 16:02:45 CET 2004

At 13:20 07/02/2004, Sebastian Rahtz wrote:

>1.  When TeX Live 2004 is released, we freeze the Perforce repository and 
>migrate it to CVS on sarovar.
>       Or possibly Subversion, if Radhakrishnan is interested

a few days ago i ran into subversion, printed some manuals, and -with the 
tex live discussion in mind- it looked quite promissing, so you got my 
blessing (for what it's worth)

>2.  We declare the TeX Live documentation to be entirely public domain. We 
>all give up
>       whatever copyright we ever thought we held. Let it go.

or take one of those open document licences (just wondering, what if some 
publisher prints the docu and then claims copyright so that we can no 
longer distribute it with tex live; we haven't sorted out the 
bad-publishing-cd-boys issues yet

>3. We work towards a release in which all TeXish programs are linked to 
>pdfetex, with the exception of "tex" itself.  So if you type "tex", you 
>get Knuth's unadulterated original. if you type latex, etex, pdftex, 
>frlatex, whatever, you get pdfetex. The only difference is that the pdf* 
>ones have format file configurations in which output is set to PDF.

sounds ok to me, although ... the main difference between a pdf and dvi is 
in loading driver macros for the output engine,

so, one can even have the same formats for dvi/pdf and have the loading 
done with \everyjob (if needed), dependent on the \pdfoutput flag, or the 
settings in the pdfconfig file; something (for latex):

\everyjob % probably appended
      % we're in dvi mode, probably default
      % load hyperref or so

>who protests?

not me


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