[tex-live] map, enc and bugs.html

Hans Hagen pragma at wxs.nl
Fri Feb 6 12:21:57 CET 2004

At 11:54 06/02/2004, Petr Olsak wrote:

>(4) with many documentation/books and packages which assume that
>     enc files are in "normal" (old) place.
>     There exist books and documentation about

oeps; i need to do an extensive search -)

when updating manuals, it makes sense not to mention the old paths any more 
since it will confuse users; on the other hand, we may need to include 
something like: starting with version .. of tetex/fptex the paths for map 
and enc files are fonts/map and fonts/enc; also, starting with pdftex 
version ... the cfg files are located in ...; so, what are is/are the 
versions of tetex/fptex/texlive to mention?


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