[tex-live] map, enc and bugs.html

Hans Hagen pragma at wxs.nl
Thu Feb 5 11:27:59 CET 2004

At 20:17 04/02/2004, Karl Berry wrote:

>    Can we give them a year, that is, we make the 04 release with both
>    the old and new paths, and in the documentation say "hey, next year
>    there's only going to be new paths, so change your local files now"?
>    That way at least there is a chance for a smooth changeover.

that was indeed what i had in mind, a transition year: on tl2004 everything 
in the new structure but the cnf still a bit more tolerant; i can even 
imagine that we then announce (also in the journals) that tl2005 will be 
the big clean up [maybe even more things in the cnf file can be simplified 
and/or more new things in tds are on their way]

(i'm in the middle of a migration to the new tds and esp with multiple 
machines and multiple trees on machines it's a tricky process (i also need 
to regenerate font metrics because small differences in encoding vectors on 
different paths etc now become more significant since everything is shared 
/ merged))


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