[tex-live] map, enc and bugs.html

Thomas Esser te at dbs.uni-hannover.de
Wed Feb 4 20:08:12 CET 2004

> Really?  Because of the relative locations of pdftex and dvips in the
> lower components of the path?  That seems like a bug in the path
> searching.

As I said: it works as designed. It is important to have precedence from
right to left if we have multiple braces to expand. Consider this:

We *do* want the second, not the first. That's the documented behaviour
and that's why I said: "works as designed".

> Meanwhile, I'm afraid I still don't understand the problem or the
> remedy, since Staszek said the text I posted, based on Thomas's email,
> was wrong.

I think that my text is ok for the next version of TL, but not for TL2003.


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