[tex-live] mf segfault

Olaf Weber olaf at infovore.xs4all.nl
Mon Dec 20 14:24:59 CET 2004

Werner LEMBERG writes:

> On my Linux box, using the TeXLive binaries (perforce depot
> 2004/Dec/15), I get a segfault.  After executing

>    mf "\mode=proof; \input feta20"

> on the attached files, metafont stops for a few minutes, then the
> crash happens.

I'm not getting a crash, at least not within a few minutes.

> Note that I don't expect that the attached code work (right now I'm
> experimenting with the roex package), but IMHO metafont shouldn't
> abort like this.

> Running with gdb, I see many, many calls to `error' in the backtrace
> -- perhaps a recursive behaviour of mf triggers the bug in GNU libc
> 2.3.3?

That's likely just due to backtracing a stripped binary.

> I currently don't have time to reduce the example, but maybe the fix
> is obvious...

Olaf Weber

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