[tex-live] source vs source.development question, dates and times for versions

Karl Berry karl at freefriends.org
Sun Dec 19 16:14:17 CET 2004

    What is the p4 DATETIME at which source was copied from 
    source.development (TL2004)? 

I don't know.  What I know is that source and source.development were
the same (modulo $Id$ tags) when we finished 04, and source has not been
changed.  (Master has had only one tiny change by Sebastian, before I
told him to quit it for now. :)

    source directory. If another date, then without any experimental 
    changes since TL2004 was frozen.

I agree that the initial state will be what shipped with 04.  I've
started doing this, BTW.  More when there's something to report.

    2. When moving to something different than p4, I would like to have the 
    following snapshots available in different branches:
            source at 2003/09/23:21:00:00
            source@<whatever date the TL2004 stable will become>

It would consume a lot of time to import old source trees into another
system (any system).  I'd much rather spend my time improving things for
the future than raking over the past.  The old sources will continue to
exist in p4, and of course they exist in the CD images themselves.  I
really hope that is enough ...


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