[tex-live] installation of beamer package

J M Smith jmsmith at ecs.umass.edu
Wed Dec 1 16:27:56 CET 2004

Dear Tug:
    I wanted to install a package called beamer into my tex-live program.
I downloaded it and installed the package in my directory on C:\Program
but am not able to link it in to the configuration. I clicked on the
maintenance button and tried to
get TexLive to configure the package, but I get the error message:

    can't find the C:\Program Files\TeXLive\texmf-local\binary TPM

    Can anyone help?


J. MacGregor Smith
Department of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering
Elab Building
University of Massachusetts
Amherst MA 01003
Phone (413) 545-4542
Fax (413) 545-1027

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