[tex-live] TL production

Volker RW Schaa v.r.w.schaa at gsi.de
Sun Mar 16 20:15:54 CET 2003

Martin Schroeder wrote:

> What's the schedule anyway? Are we aiming at BachoTeX or EuroTeX?
EuroTeX is more likely!

Sebastian, Fabrice, Staszek shouldn't we talk about this in Bremen?

StaW> I would like to know which decission was really accepted for the TL8 release:
StaW> 1. DVD (full, unpacked TL+CTAN);
StaW> 2. one TL CD ROM with all things compressed;
StaW> 3. both 1. and 2. distributed in one cover.
Lehmanns offers:
   1. DVD (full, unpacked TL+CTAN)
   2. 1 TeXLive CD
      Live!! whatever live means in the moment, runable from (un/compressed?) CD
   3. 1 CD with everything compressed
So 1 DVD + 2 CDs in one cover for 1.90 Euro/~2 $ pp.

Regards, Volker

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