[tex-live] top-level README files

karl at tug.org karl at tug.org
Tue Jun 24 04:01:46 CEST 2003

I messed around with some other of the top-level files:

- LICENSE.TL8: renamed to LICENSE.TL, and added a paragraph stating that
to the best of our knowledge, all the software included is free (libre).
I think this is true :).

- README.EN: I made some substantial revisions.  For one thing, I
dropped all the assorted random version numbers.  For another, I
attempted to describe our three-distribution scheme this year, mentioned
the install-dvd.sh script, etc.  Sebastian (and anyone else), please
read through it to make sure I didn't say anything wrong.

Since I am a stupid monolingual American :), I did not attempt to edit
any of the other README.* files.  Can whoever is responsible for them
please update them so as not to call this `TeX Live 8', etc.?

- Questions:

1) I think we have to include some file in each image indicating what
it is.  In the new README.EN, I made up the convention of 00<type>.TL, thus:

I'm open to a better convention.  Unless there are objections, I'll
create these new top-level files (they won't say much) and see if I can
adjust MakeImages.sh to do the right thing.

2) If we're going to name the demo cd something other than demo, now is
   the time to decide.  I am not crazy about the name `demo', but I fear
   I am even less enthralled by `lite'.  Maybe `mini'?  I don't have any
   good ideas.
   Staszek, I'm not sure that we'll be able to maintain the distinction
   that demo = full - cjk only, depending on the outcome of this perl stuff.

3) Do we really need the README.EURO file?  Can't we just say this in
   the main `live' documentation?  Seems to me similar random comments
   could be made about many packages.
   However, if the consensus is that we absolutely have to bother new
   installers with the fact that you have to buy the Euro font from
   Adobe to use europs, I'd rather add it to README.EN than have another
   top-level file.


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