[tex-live] CD/DVD images, and source

Volker RW Schaa v.r.w.schaa at gsi.de
Fri Jun 20 10:54:49 CEST 2003

Sebastian Rahtz wrote:

> the "demo" CD weighs in at 675 Mbytes, with source put back and
> texmf/source compressed (which will stop the install from working....)
> anyone for mandating a 700 mbyte CD?
no problem from the production side. Last year I asked for prices
and possible problems with sizes >650 (700, 750, ...). The answer
was, absolutely no problems as long as you stay with standards
(700Mb), they will put anything on a CD you come up with (~900).
But you will loose customers, because "normal" drives (not too old)
will read <=750, only very new ones more. Prices for the number of
CDs we are producing (>5.000) are the same.

-- Volker

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