[tex-live] CD /DVD images (some notes)

Karl Berry karl at freefriends.org
Wed Jun 18 11:08:12 CEST 2003

     a) put back source and texmf/source, and find another 50-100 mbytes of
    packages to remove in addition to lang-cjk

Is that compressed or uncompressed?  The sources can/should be
compressed, I think.  It would be a shame to have to remove more real
packages for this.

     b) somehow make the demo CD *not* redistributable under its own right

That's not a choice, as far as I can see.  The software is freely
redistributable, we can't alter that (and don't want to).

The other choice b) is to deal with the complications, by making a
"written offer good for at least three years", etc., etc.  Actually, I
don't know what all the non-gpl conditions are to omit source, but I
hope/assume they're similar.  LPPL is.

I guess that since in practice it's highly unlikely there will be
thousands of requests for a physical copy of the source (more likely
one, at most :), and since the installable cd satisfies the requirement,
we could just write a README.DEMO-SOURCE that says TUG will make the
offer.  That file should only be included on the demo cd.

If we go this route, I can write such a file, but I'll need information
about where to check it in and what files to change so that it only ends
up on the demo cd.

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