[tex-live] Latest compile fails on pdftex (link problems)

Olaf Weber olaf at infovore.xs4all.nl
Fri Jan 31 22:46:46 CET 2003

Gerben Wierda writes:

> This is what happens. Where to look for the problem?:
> c++ -o pdftex pdftexini.o pdftex0.o pdftex1.o pdftex2.o pdftex3.o
> pdftexextra.o pdftexdir/libpdf.a ../../libs/libpng/libpng.a
> ../../libs/zlib/libz.a ../../libs/xpdf/xpdf/libxpdf.a
> ../../libs/xpdf/goo/libGoo.a lib/lib.a
> ../kpathsea/STATIC/libkpathsea.a -lm

> ld: Undefined symbols:
> Dict::add(char*, Object*)
> Dict::getKey(int)
> Dict::getVal(int, Object*)
> Dict::lookup(char*, Object*)


Those symbols are all either:

- from libxpdf.a
- from libGoo.a
- C++ builtins.

Are these libraries ok?

Is the c++ used for linking identical to the c++ used to compile?

Olaf Weber

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