[tex-live] Problems compiling texlive on debian/woody on alpha

Norbert Preining preining@logic.at
Wed, 22 Jan 2003 15:20:06 +0100

Hi all of you!

Here are the problems I encountered while compiling TeXlive on
Debian/Woody on an alpha machine:

It is mostly connected with odvips, the Makefile seems to be just plain
wrong AFAIS. program = afm2tfm dvips, squeeze is not build, ...
but in the Makefile.in it is there. So WHY is it not generated?

Another thing: Why are all the files in odvipsk NOT links but
files which contain the link name. They are not marked as links in the
directory. I just made a
	rm -f Build/source/TeX/texk/odvipsk/*
	p4 sync -f Build/source/TeX/texk/odvipsk/*
	./configure --prefix=`pwd` --datadir=`pwd` --enable-multiplatform
	make world
and still the same problem. 

Can someone explain me why this happens? Are some settings from my p4
client wrong?

Best wishes


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