[tex-live] texmf/dvips on teTeX-beta and TL8

Staszek Wawrykiewicz StaW@gust.org.pl
Sat, 18 Jan 2003 16:50:19 +0100 (CET)

I did a check of the current stuff in texmf/dvips/ on teTeX-beta and TL8.
Perhaps the following notes could help to clean up that mess.

<EC.enc (teTeX)
>ec.enc (TL)
<   /ydieresis /zacute /zcaron /zdotaccent /ij /exclamdown /questiondown /sterling
>   /ldot /zacute /zcaron /zdotaccent /ij /exclamdown /questiondown /sterling

I think that EC.enc is better, but didn't find any reference in map files;-)

     teTeX                   TL
dvips/base/mh2scr.enc        dvips/mathtime/mh2scr.enc
teTeX's contains license note, so can replace also on TL
dvips/base/tex256.enc        ?
perhaps can be also copied to TL's dvips/base/
?                            dvips/base/ehandler.ps
to zap on TL?
dvips/misc/resolution400.ps  dvips/base/resolution400.ps
no idea.
dvips/base/texnansi.enc      dvips/ly1/texnansi.enc
dos crlf                     OK (and finally we have it!)
dvips/base/texnansx.enc      ?
dos crlf in teTeX; not referenced in teTeX and TL.
by the way, Sebastian, please remove all files in texmf/xdvi/ *except*
Xdvi and xdvi.cfg (I'm quite sure that xdvi.cfg is not needed anymore)
dvips/tetex/lucidabr.map     dvips/lucida/lucidabr.map
different, which one is OK?
?                            dvips/lucida/lucidabr-k.map
?                            dvips/lucida/lumath-k.map
?                            dvips/lucida/lumath.map
dvips/tetex/bsr.map          dvips/bluesky/bsr.map
I'd suggest keeping it in TL in dvips/tetex/ since bsr.map is specific
for teTeX/fpTeX/TL distributions and different from map files distributed
and blessed by AMS/BSR.
?                            dvips/pslatex/pcrr8rn.map
should be kept as reference in teTeX (e.g. in dvips/misc/ as Thomas
prefer to gather single files in one directory).
?                            dvips/psnfss/utopia.map
since utopia fonts were removed from teTeX and TL, I'd suggest to zap
from TL's texmf/fonts/{afm,tfm,vf}/adobe/utopia
(not referenced in map files).
dvips/misc/mirr.hd           dvips/tex-ps/mirr.hd
OK                           should be replaced from teTeX

Staszek Wawrykiewicz
email: staw@gust.org.pl