[pdftex] Re: [tex-live] Question about importing images into TeX/LaTeX documents...

Giuseppe Greco giuseppe.greco@bluewin.ch
03 Jan 2003 16:18:53 +0100


Thank you very much for your answer!

> >> the quality of the PDF output is really poor!
> Yes.  This is a well-known problem: for a discussion and visual
> comparison, see
> 	http://www.math.utah.edu/~beebe/fonts/outline-vs-bitmap-fonts.html

I read this. Very interesting!

> The fix is fortunately easy, but depends on your local TeX DVI driver
> configuration: essentially, you need to get the DVI driver to use
> outline, rather than bitmap, fonts.

Well, could you tell me how can I get my DVI driver to use outline
fonts (e.g. Bluesky)? If I've well understood, I should modify the
psfont.map file, isn't it? Eventually, where can I find more info?

Till now, I've bought the following two books:
The TeXbook, by Donald E. Knuth
A Guide to LaTeX, by Helmut Kopka & Patrick W. Daly

Are there other sources of interest?

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