[tex-live] tldoc, etc.

Karl Berry karl at freefriends.org
Fri Aug 29 10:33:45 CEST 2003

    VS> And, at the moment there is no need to hurry, 

Well, maybe not "hurry", exactly, but it does seem at least a bit urgent to me.
We promised it to Addison-Wesley.  It would be good to fulfill our
promise -- well, we already missed August 25, but if we can make it happen
next week, that won't be any huge problem, I'm sure.  We all agreed ...

    VS> because Klaus can't 
    VS> get in contact to the guy who's making the CTAN copy. That will take
    VS> some days, I'm sure.

This is the sort of indeterminate delay is worrisome to me.  Is there
anyone else who can be asked to get it done?  Or do you believe it will
get straightened out shortly?

    VS> more harm by unsufficient documentation than by late delivery.

Up to a point, I agree.  Another few days to work on the documentation
is beneficial at the moment.

    Karl, live13.html and live14.html are referenced in livese7.html,
    live11.html in livese6.html. Why we have live12.html?

It appears to be a footnote.  I don't know how tex4ht decides what to
put into what output files.  Personally, I'd rather have it all be one
html file, the whole manual is not that big, but I never looked into it.


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