[tex-live] A few questions about the configuration (isn't there a problem here)

Lars Madsen daleif@imf.au.dk
Tue, 29 Oct 2002 15:10:48 +0100 (MET)

On Tue, 29 Oct 2002, Martin Schroeder wrote:

> On 2002-10-29 14:32:26 +0100, Lars Madsen wrote:
> > What should I do here. Should I erase some of these?
> Yes. See also
> http://www.tug.org/pipermail/tex-live/2002-October/002791.html

no offence, but that doesn't help me much. I also posted the message that
the above was a reply to.

I don't know where I get (access to) the perforce tree. So I'd rather want
to know which of the files I have to remove.

Sorry if I sound a bit rude, it wasn't my intention.