[tex-live] web2c-7.3.9 merged into TeX Live

Thomas Esser te@dbs.uni-hannover.de
Wed, 23 Oct 2002 15:22:11 +0200


yesterday, I have merged Olaf's just-released web2c-7.3.9 into TeX Live
(change #2466). Olaf's original announcement of web2c 7.3.9 was:

    I've put web2c 7.3.9 sources up on tug.org in ~ftp/tex.  Thus they'll
    appear on CTAN in due course.

    The sources contain preliminary versions of pdftex and omega.  Omega
    has been hacked to use a different extension for its format files:
     .oft instead of .fmt, as the latter clashes with TeX's default.  I'd
    much prefer to use .ofmt, but am not convinced that would be a good
    idea, as truncating that extension gives .ofm, which is already
    in use.  On the other hand, feel free to convince me otherwise.

    These sources are especially meant to allow Thomas and Fabrice and
    me to sync up with each other, and may be of limited interest to
    anyone else (though they should be fully functional).  Expect this
    release to be superceded "soon".

So, the main purpose of that release is to have a point to sync on the
way to the next web2c release. Yesterday's teTeX-beta is exactly at the
same level now.

I'd say, resync and check if everything works for you. This release now
uses -jobname instead of -fmt for creating formats, so that change might
cause further adjustments (texexec comes into my mind which also creates
format files).