[tex-live] compressing .afm files

Vladimir Volovich vvv@vsu.ru
Mon, 21 Oct 2002 19:40:02 +0400

"FP" == Fabrice Popineau writes:

 >> What software uses AFM files at runtime these days? Can I compress
 >> them all as a matter of principle?

 FP> texfont.pl by Hans, with ConTeXt.

also, ps2pk may use AFM files, if i remember correctly.

 FP> In principle, it can be adapted to uncompress them. However, as
 FP> usual, the ones that are annoying (from the disk space point of
 FP> view) are not the vast majority of them, but mainly the cm-super
 FP> ones (remove them and you will understand).

yes, cm-super AFM files are not needed for TeX & friends - they are
only useful if one wants to install the fonts in other apps (e.g. for
ATM). so cm-super AFM files could be removed from TeX Live - that will
save 8Mb.