[tex-live] (o)xdvi compilation problems HPUX 10.20

Karl Berry karl@freefriends.org
Fri, 18 Oct 2002 11:21:42 -0400

    who's to blame here: If Xaw needs the shape extension, does xdvik
    need to have a configure check for it, and add it to the linker

Looking at the the last configure.in for xdvik that I worked on, I see this:

# -lXext may not be present, and that may be ok.  Link with it only if it is.
if test -z "$x_ext_lib"; then # allow envvar override
  AC_CHECK_LIB(Xext, XextCreateExtension,
               x_ext_lib=-lXext, :, -lX11 $X_EXTRA_LIBS)

So I conclude that different X distributions do this differently -- and
that there is no -lXext on the system at hand.

I guess more complex test would be needed -- one that tries to actually
use whatever function it is in xdvik that results in needing the XShape*