[tex-live] HPUX 10.20 compilations problems

Thomas Esser te@dbs.uni-hannover.de
Thu, 17 Oct 2002 00:01:34 +0200

> first of all do I need to update the configure script using autoconf, and
> if so how do I do that.

Wait for an updated TeX Live or teTeX-beta. Unless you know what you
are doing, you should not run autoconf.

> Latex (and others) seems to stop for a little while before starting
> causing longer runtime.

- compare the sizes of the format files
- compare the debug output from running latex with KPATHSEA_DEBUG=-1
  (could be that some searching goes mad)

> Bad syntax in included font usage table 3d:8 

I have no idea about that and suggest that you write a bug report:
  "Email bug reports to tex-k@mail.tug.org."

> etc. But worked, at least until I (by accident) runned updmap, then
> it started using mf font where it should by standard (it does on my linux
> version) be using PS fonts.

updmap has a config file where things can be set up. You can read this
configuration file, the screen output of the program (check for any
"map file not found" message) and the output files. Please look up
these details.

> Also shouldn't texconfig also create all the format files, it didn't look
> like it did, I used fmtutil --all instead.

If you use TeX Live, no formats will be build when tunning a "make
install". That's different in teTeX-beta.

> Right now I'm compiling a new version, I'm trying not to use the
> --without-cnxx-runtime-hack

As I have written earlier, this is completely irrelevant for you.