[tex-live] Czech support, ugly but efficient solution

Staszek Wawrykiewicz StaW@guests.ipipan.gda.pl
Tue, 15 Oct 2002 05:51:35 +0200 (CEST)

Petr Olsak <olsak@math.feld.cvut.cz> wrote on 12 Oct 2002:

> I suggested to remove cz[sk]hyph.tex because I have tried to solve the
> second problem of cz/sk hyphen patterns: its duplicity in two files
> cz[sk]hyphen.tex versus cz[sk]hyph.tex.
> The cz[sk]hyphen.tex can't be removed because the csplain is frozen
> with all names of used files. There exist many home-made macros which
> uses this names.
> The solution of this duplicity can be following: leave cz[sk]hyph.tex
> files in babel system with only one line inside:
> \input czhyphen    or   \input skhyphen .
> I don't see the better solution of this problem if you persists on the
> short names in babel system. I persist on long names in csplain :-).

OK, point taken. So to avoid a mess with changes in language.dat, etc.,
I'd suggest puting in texmf/tex/generic/hyphen/czhyph.tex and 
skhyph.tex as just *copies* of texmf/tex/csplain/czhyphen.tex and 
skhyphen.tex (after changes you intend to make in those files). 
Please consider the mess in all available distributions like 
teTeX, fpTeX, TeXLive, MIKTeX. Some of them have installation programs 
like TeXSetup.exe or mo.exe.

> ...The enctex is only
> an optional package, not required by CSTeX. If there exists another way
> of re-encoding on TeX input preprocessor level (--translate-file
> option in web2c based TeX distributions, for example), you need not
> enctex.

All current TeX distributions use now --translate-file, even not web2c
based MiKTeX. But information about that is missing in csplain
and cslatex docs...
By the way. It would be nice having some resume in English in csplain 
and cslatex docs.

> Yes. The actual problem with czhyph.tex is the next example of the
> unstability of the babel.

I don't think so. I'd only want to find any consens and good solution
for all.

I found in TL7 for CSTUG: texmf/pdftex/csfonts/csfont-e.map
(missing in teTeX-beta). This map file uses some .enc files not needed
for dvips. Do we really need such map file for the current pdftex?
Please observe that updmap script ignores csfont-e.map, so pdftex.map
contains only standard csfonts mapping.

Kind regards,

Staszek Wawrykiewicz
email: staw@gust.org.pl