[tex-live] pdftex choking on czhyph

Petr Olsak olsak@math.feld.cvut.cz
Thu, 10 Oct 2002 10:02:58 +0200 (CEST)

> > IMHO this is the principial bug of names convention very closelly
> > connected to the DEK's Copyright. The pdftex.ini file have not to call
> > the babel macros!
> That's your opinion, ok. You have a special format (csplain) for your
> users, but that's not true for most other TeX users. And users of other
> languages benefit from an easy way to set up hyphenation.

The plain format has a some different philosophy than latex: latex
users need a instant macro package for every new goal---but plain user
write his own home-made macros. These macros have to work with exactly
the same result in any future versions of plain. This is a reason why
it was the very good idea from DEK that plain is frozen. The plain is
only the good starting point to writing such home-made macros, it is
not the ready to use system (as the LaTeX is, for example).

For the same reason, the csplain + pdfcsplain is frozen too. On the
other hand the babel is developed macro with new and new versions and
features. If the plain is infected by such macro, the stability of
plain is not guarranted.

Please, name your babelised plain babplain (for example) and start to
try to find some users for this macro. The babelised plain in pdfTeX
may by named pdfbabplain (for example). Don't use the long-time used
names (pdftex for this situation) for a new experimental macros.
This is unfair.

> So, I prefer to solve the technical problem which is to avoid loading

Yes, I am ready to help with the solvig of the technical problems, but
we will solve the problems for babplain and not for pdftex.

> So, for the technical solution:
> 1) putting czhyphen.tex somewhere below texmf/tex/generic is wrong if
>    this file is not really generic. Files in generic should always be
>    compatible with plain (at least). If it works with csplain / cslatex,
>    I suggest to put it into texmf/tex/csplain. If it works with latex /
>    cslatex, I suggest to put it into texmf/tex/latex/misc.

Yes, I included the czhyphen.tex into babel package only for babelised
LaTeX. I did not assume that this file will be used in babelised
plain. This was my mistake.

> > In 1999, I have added some lines of
> > macros to czhyph.tex in order to it may be included in babelised
> > LaTeX too. I am not supporting babelised plain, because the csplain
> > is sufficient.
> What is this czhyph.tex you are talking about? I cannot find it on CTAN
> and I cannot find it in the .tar.gz archives I found on the cstex server.
> $ ls -l /t/ctan/language/hyphenation/czhyph.tex
> -rwxrwxrwx    1 te       users       30435 Dec  4  1991

Before 1999:
czhyphen.tex was the Czech hyphenation patterns by Pavel Sevecek
             implemented by \v, \' etc. sequences and used by
             csplain, cslatex (+ pdfcsplain, pdfcslatex).
czhyph.tex   was the Czech hyphenation patterns by Lada Lhotka
             implemented in 8-bit T1 encoding and used in babelised
             LaTeX. The quality of this pattern was not so good as
             of the Sevecek's patterns.

After 1999:
czhyphen.tex is the same as before. Used by csplain and cslatex.
czhyph.tex   is the copy of czhyphen.tex with three lines added
             by me in order to this \v \' based patterns can be
             used in babelised LaTeX. Now, the users of babelised LaTeX
             have the Czech patterns with the same quality as in
	     csplain and cslatex. The Lhotka's patterns was

It is possible to leave only the czhyphen.tex file for all formats.

The similar situation is for skhyphen.tex (Slovak hyphenation patterns,
which are the part of CSTeX too).

> > The CSTeX (namelly the formats csplain and cslatex) is not responsible
> > to this bug, but the TeX live with this bug is unusable for Czech
> > users. So, I am asking the author of the change in pdftex.ini file:
> Sure, I see this as a TeX Live bug (and teTeX has the same bug,
> too). I suggest a fix based on having a special language.dat in
> texmf/tex/plain/config:
> $ fmtutil --showhyphen pdftex

> /software/oss/Text/teTeX-1.0/share/texmf/tex/plain/config/language.dat

No pdftex. We are talking about pdfbabtex or a similar name.

Petr Olsak