[tex-live] pdftex choking on czhyph

Vladimir Volovich vvv@vsu.ru
Wed, 09 Oct 2002 19:13:37 +0400

"RP" == Roozbeh Pournader writes:

 RP>    (/opt/texlive/texmf/tex/generic/hyphen/czhyph.tex ! Bad
 RP> \patterns.  \'#1->{ \accent 19 #1} l.40 .a4d\'e

 RP> Can anyone reproduce this or is it just a configuration problem
 RP> from my side? A log file follows.

indeed, i can reproduce this. the reason is that the czhyph.tex
patterns are not suited to be used with plain TeX, but only with LaTeX
(and more specifically, with T1 font encoding).

when these patterns are loaded by LaTeX, all macros like \' are
expanded to produce characters in T1 encoding, and \accent commands
are not produced in the expansion; that's why this works in LaTeX,
and does not work in Plain TeX.

the cyrplain package contains some additional support for such things
(font encoding/input encoding stuff for plain tex), and i think that
this can be done with the help of cyrplain.

if you need a plain tex format (pdftex) with czhyph patterns, i think
i can try to explain what needs to be done (how to use cyrplain for

note that you will have to use T1-encoded fonts in plain tex documents
to get proper hyphenation for Czech language (when you use czhyph).