[tex-live] regarding the env var TEXMFCNF

Walter Tautz wtautz@mfcf.math.uwaterloo.ca
Tue, 08 Oct 2002 15:04:07 -0400

As noted in your docs. If one installs the provided binaries as oppose
to compiling from source,
one needs to tell the binaries where texmf.cnf is. by setting TEXMFCNF
. I was
wondering if  install-cd.sh could specifically ask for the value of this
parameter. In my
case I'm moving the whole package to a completely diifferent directory

I realize that it could be done in some standard file under /etc so that
everyone's shell would get this
value but it seems it would be more elegant to have install-cd.sh do it
somehow.... one could do some kind
of subsitution via sed?

Are the format files architecture independent? I notice that one has to
generate them via texconfig....
they're not installed by running install-cd.sh