[tex-live] HPUX 10.20 compilations problems

Karl Berry karl@freefriends.org
Mon, 7 Oct 2002 15:27:37 -0400

    $(srcdir)/pdfetexdir/pdfetex.h: $(srcdir)/pdftexdir/pdftex.h
            cp -f $< $@

I thought that many non-gnu makes do not expand $< and $@ except in
implicit or pattern rules.  In this particular case, it's just an
abbreviation, so this could be changed:

    $(srcdir)/pdfetexdir/pdfetex.h: $(srcdir)/pdftexdir/pdftex.h
            cp -f $(srcdir)/pdftexdir/pdftex.h $(srcdir)/pdfetexdir/pdfetex.h

And it might work.  It would do no harm, anyway.  However, probably the
whole thing is hopeless without gnu make because I doubt this is the
only place there is such a dependency.

    > hmm, that looks like our mistake, passing -Bstatic to a compiler than

If gcc is being used, it's better to use -static than -Bstatic, because
gcc can then change the -static to whatever options are needed on the
current system.

As for the HP-UX 10 vs 11 thing, at one point I was compiling ok with a
setup like this (hpux 8 vs 9, I think).  Problems would manifest as
failed compiles because of include file mismatches, as Thomas said.

Good luck.