[tex-live] make clean

Nelson H. F. Beebe beebe@math.utah.edu
Wed, 20 Nov 2002 16:25:15 -0700 (MST)

One test that should definitely be done for any software distribution,
including the TeXLive one, is that the final "make distclean" does
indeed remove everything that was created by make.

Just do

	touch /tmp/TIMESTAMP
	./configure && make all check
	make distclean
	find . -newer /tmp/TIMESTAMP

If the find command reports even one file, then the Makefiles need to
be fixed so that "make distclean" removes them.

This is easier and faster than doing a recursive diff between the tree
after a "make distclean" and another freshly-unpacked tree: in either
case, the tree after "make distclean" should be indistinguishable from
a just-unpacked one.

The "dircmp -s" command is also useful: it will catch cases where
"make distclean" incorrectly removed files that came with the original

For the case of generated .c and .h files, consider using the
intermediate GNU-standard target `mostlyclean': the dependency list
should look like this:

		-$(RM) ...

	mostlyclean:	clean
		-$(RM) ...

	distclean:	mostlyclean
		-$(RM) ...

	maintainer-clean: distclean
		@echo "This command is intended for maintainers to use;"
		@echo "it deletes files that may require special tools to rebuild."
		-$(RM) ...

For details, visit GNU info node (make)Standard Targets for Users.

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