[tex-live] Tex Live 7 : font search path - installation bug?

Stephen Cook s.c.cook@reading.ac.uk
Wed, 20 Nov 2002 13:33:59 -0000

I've installed Tex Live 7 from the CD onto a PC running Windows 2000. I
think I have found a bug in the installation procedure that results in a
faulty search path for fonts with pdflatex.

If I exercise the option in the installation procedure to install to my
choice of directory then the installation appears to succeed but
pdflatex fails to find the installed Type-1 fonts and uses bitmap fonts
instead. This generates warnings in the pdflatex log and produces a PDF
file that neither Acrobat 5 nor GhostView can display (they both
complain about missing fonts). However, the Type-1 fonts are
(apparently) installed; kpsewhich can find them.

If I install into the default directory, everything works fine.

This looks like a bug to me (but if you think that it might be caused by
something strange in my Windows configuration, please let me know your

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