[tex-live] texlive configuration prob. (printer setting etc.)

Lars Madsen daleif@imf.au.dk
Wed, 13 Nov 2002 09:44:28 +0100 (MET)

Question: Our printer is a Canon IR 3300 Laserprinter, which choice is the
best for this one (in texconfig)?

All of a sudden my newly created TL 7 behaves wierd after having latexed a
file and dvips'ed it I use ps2pdf (GNU gs version 6.51) no errors but when
I preview it on screen acroread complains about some fonts it don't know
and it doesn't display anything at all.

The wierd thing is that if I use pdflatex, there is no problem.

It have worked fine before I started updating the packages and fonts and I
think something might have gone wrong there somewhere.

I installed the update for psnfss and doublestroke, and did a 
updmap --enable Map dstroke.map for installing the doublestroke font, it
has word fine before. There shouldn't be anything done for psnfss.

But some where something goes wrong. I just wanna know it there is anyone
else that have had similar problems, regarding this last bit.