[tex-live] A few questions about the configuration (isn't there a problem here)

Kaja P. Christiansen kaja@daimi.au.dk
Fri, 1 Nov 2002 17:12:37 +0100


 > I don't know where I get (access to) the perforce tree. So I'd rather want
 > to know which of the files I have to remove.

When compiling for a new architecture, I think it's a big plus to have
an access to the current perforce tree. To get it, you'll need to:

- download a P4 for HP-UX - 'p4' is a binary program which you can 
  fetch from http://perforce.com/perforce/downloads/hpux11.html
- point your P4 to the master perforce sources (at dante.de)
- create your own client with p4.

After the last step, you will be able to download all or parts of the
tree (make sure you have plenty of disk space).

There are two excellent introductory pages on how to start:

   Ten Minute Demo  at http://perforce.com/perforce/demo/unix.html
   Ten Minute Pitch at http://perforce.com/pitch/page01.html

If you decide to use perforce and encounter problems, let me know
and I'll try to help (I've been there too :-)