[tex-live] TL and texmf-local

Peter Flynn peter@silmaril.ie
Sun, 17 Mar 2002 21:41:03 +0000

If it's not too late could I please enter a plea for a small change
to the installation routines?

Create .../texmf-local (or .../texmf.local, whichever it is) as
a pre-populated skeleton (ie relevant directories only) of ../texmf,
and set $TEXMFLOCAL and thus $TEXMF correspondingly in texmf.cnf

This would make it much easier to explain to beginners that new
software (additional packages) should be placed in the "right"
locations in $TEXMFLOCAL, because the most commonly-needed
directories would already be there, and mktexlsr would already
be set to do the rebuilding right.

Incidentally, does dvips scan texmf.local/dvips/conf etc after
using the one in texmf/dvips ? That would make it even easier
to add fonts without having to edit the distribution files.