[tex-live] Re: TL7 face (s)

Fabrice Popineau Fabrice.Popineau@supelec.fr
Sat, 08 Jun 2002 22:49:22 +0200

* Janusz S Bień <jsbien@mimuw.edu.pl> writes:

> In GNU Emacs sources (and documentation?) all occurences of `win32'
> has been replaced some time ago by `w32' because of the (too)
> positive connotations of the word `win'.

Sure, and sorry but imho, it leads to nothing except confusion.

It won't change the way M$ write their  docs and the  way it is called
by the press.  All the FSF gained in  doing this was some bugs or user
annoyances during the transition win32->w32 .