[tex-live] TL7 face, draft

Arthur Ogawa ogawa@teleport.com
Fri, 07 Jun 2002 22:12:42 -0700

The artwork files for TL7 have been posted:


As with the ISO images themselves, these files are publicly available,
but they are not for the clueless.

All files are in Adobe Illustrator 8 EPS format, which means that they
are useable as is as well as being editable with an appropriate application.

TL7_disk1.eps - The black plate for Disk 1 (contains all type and only type).

TL7_disk2.eps - The black plate for Disk 2 (contains all type and only type).

TL7_lion.eps - The color plate for both Disks 1 and 2. The Bibby TeX
Live Lion appears as a placed object, anamorphically scaled to fit the CD.

texlive-lion.eps - The TeX Live Lion converted (by Martin Schroeder) to
outlines; used in TL7_lion.eps.

Robin: The only files you need to send to the CD house will be the first
three: TL7_disk1.eps, TL7_disk2.eps, and TL7_lion.eps. The latter is the
color plate common to both CD faces.

Arthur Ogawa