[Cjk] Re: [tex-live] CJK TeX on TeXLive 7

Werner LEMBERG wl@gnu.org
Sat, 01 Jun 2002 15:19:25 +0200 (CEST)

> > I just had a look at CJK TeX on the 20020527 image of TeXLive7-1
> > and it looks as the same version which was present on TeXLive
> > 6. Is this intentional?
> well, yes, since no-one has provided any replacement.

Sorry for that.  BTW, would it still be possible to submit a newer

> > texmf/doc/latex/CJK/examples/dvi/CJKbabel.dvi
> > 
> > and got the following error messages from xdvi:
> > 
> >         Could not find/load font metrics file labx1200.tfm
> >         Could not find/load font metrics file larm1200.tfm 
> hmm. sorry. no idea whats happening here.


  KPATHSEA_DEBUG=-1 xdvi CJKbabel.dvi &> xdvi.log

and check the search paths.  Note that mktextfm has to be called to
generate the la* files (this is from the Cyrillic LH fonts in T2A