[tex-live] Fwd: entering LaTeX 2.09 compatibility mode

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Dear Gabriella,

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>X-From_: gabriella.pigozzi@uni-konstanz.de Tue Jul 30 07:55:53 2002
>Date: Tue, 30 Jul 2002 16:50:03 +0100
>From: Gabriella Pigozzi <gabriella.pigozzi@uni-konstanz.de>
>Subject: entering LaTeX 2.09 compatibility mode
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>  I have the following problem: I have MikTeC and yesterday a friend asked 
> me to latex his
>file using my TeX editor (WinEdt). He got the following Warning  message, 
>whch he ignored:
>  *************************************************************
>  This mode attempts to provide an emulation of the LaTeX 2.09
>  author environment so that OLD documents can be successfully
>  processed. It should NOT be used for NEW documents!
>  New documents should use Standard LaTeX conventions and start
>  with the \documentclass command.
>  Compatibility mode is UNLIKELY TO WORK with LaTeX 2.09 style
>  files that change any internal macros, especially not with
>  those that change the FONT SELECTION or OUTPUT ROUTINES.
>  Therefore such style files MUST BE UPDATED to use
>  Current Standard LaTeX: LaTeX2e.
>  If you suspect that you may be using such a style file, which
>  is probably very, very old by now, then you should attempt to
>  get it updated by sending a copy of this error message to the
>  author of that file.
>  *************************************************************
>  He could latex and dvi and pdf his file but, after this, all the NEW files I
>  open, have the dvi search, dvi preview, DVIPS, ps2pdf, dvi2pdf, Acrobat
>  Reader and GSView NOT enlighted (while everything works with the old
>  files).  Now when I latex a new file, I get this message "cannot \read from
>  terminal in nonstop modes no pages of output".
>  I have Windows95.
>  What shall I do? I searched the FAQ online but I could not find anything 
> related to it.
>  Thanks for your help.
>  Best regards,
>  Gabriella Pigozzi