[tex-live] Re: [pdftex] Re: [tug-support] Configuring TeX to use Type 1 fonts

Thierry Bouche thierry.bouche@ujf-grenoble.fr
Sat, 17 Nov 2001 17:10:31 +0100

Petr Sojka a écrit :

> Possibility to set correct CMAP resource (ToUnicode)
> has been added to pdfTeX only recently. I've tested it
> on a small example (creating PDF with characters out of
> AdobeStandardEncoding, cut & paste under Win platform worked).
> There is not much macro support is available, though,
> and documentation is sparse.

if this were default, it would be great. We still have incoherent
handling of f-ligatures between acrobat 4 and 5, e.g. (I thought
ToUnicode was somehow bound to OTF fonts, but then I was certainly

one big problem here is that standard TeX type 1 fonts don't have the
upper ansi characters like é, thus the files can't be searchable or
copy-pastable as long as there are such constructs (é is actually 'e in
the PDF file + position instructions). I don't know whether it would be
possible to affect a ToUnicode mapping to such a constrcut, but that
would be a big deal.

> The way how to proceed? Maybe changing the default setup
> so that Type1 fonts are prefered over bitmaps
> in main TeX distributions (TeXlive etc.),
> and support of macro and pdftex developers by Adobe.

there is currently no free type 1 font set covering at least
PDFDocEncoding + maths (well, cm-super may be one).

dvipdfm and pdftex will use type 1 fonts by default if you use them from
any recent distribution. dvips won't, but I believe that config.pdf is
now standard, so that dvips -Ppdf does an as good job as it can.

> Yes, sure. Glad to hear that Adobe is starting to take care of TeX users
> (when TV Raman left Adobe, no support for pdftex development
> at Adobe was available).

*Very* glad ;-)

Th. Bouche