[tex-live] new TeX4ht package

Steven Jenkins steven.jenkins@jpl.nasa.gov
Thu, 08 Nov 2001 01:12:29 -0800

Wow, talk about responsive. I was composing a reply to Fabrice when
Sebastian's message arrived.

The distributed C source for tex4ht and t4ht clearly includes calls to
kpathsea, but I have no idea what the relationship of that source is to
the accompanying binaries, what compilation options were used, etc.

> what is needed is for us to update the source in TeXLive and
> generate some new binaries

Works for me :-)

In UTC-8 land it's now after 01:00, so I will now go to bed knowing the
problem is in good hands. Thanks much.

Steven Jenkins
Manager, Architecture and System Engineering
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