[tex-live] new TeX4ht package

Steven Jenkins steven.jenkins@jpl.nasa.gov
Thu, 08 Nov 2001 00:41:11 -0800


Eitan Gurari fixed a bug in TeX4ht for me yesterday and put new files up
on his web site. I replaced each old *.4ht, *.sty, *.exe with its new
counterpart, and now tex4ht can't find its tex4ht.env file, which has
neither moved nor changed. The installation procedure for TeX4ht is
really a mess and the documentation is out of date. Is there a
straightforward way to make these new files into a TeX Live package and
have the TeX Live installer do its magic? The old version on the Tex
Live 6 CD (which unfortunately had the bug) didn't require me to change
anything to get it to run. TeX Live makes it so easy.

Hope this is clear.

Steven Jenkins
Manager, Architecture and System Engineering
Institutional Computing and Information Services
Jet Propulsion Laboratory
California Institute of Technology