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Tue, 22 May 2001 09:26:43 -0700

A request for help from a new member...

>X-From_: simanek@onemain.com Mon May 21 18:15:12 2001
>From: "simanek" <simanek@onemain.com>
>To: <office@tug.org>
>Subject: Installing TeX
>Date: Mon, 21 May 2001 18:13:05 -0700
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>Dear Ms Laakso,
>I just recently became a member of TUG.  I received in the mail the 
>following disks:  TeX Live 5d, and TeX-Software Comprehensive Tax Archive 
>I am very familiar with Latex typesetting language and have used it 
>extensively typing Phys. Rev. papers in DOS program in an old computer.  I 
>need now to install your Tax program in my new computer.
>Unfortunately,  I had difficulties completing the installation process:  I 
>was able to get to a "new document" page in Winshell and typed in LateX 
>typesetting form a letter.  However, I was unable to view the "translated" 
>form. This is where I did not know how to proceed.
>Suspecting that the installation had been done incorrectly, I uninstalled 
>the programs and tried to install them again.  This time only TeX Live 5d 
>installed successfully, the CAN disks did not install at all.  Is it 
>possible that CAN disks can only be installed once?  And if so,  can I 
>request a second copy?
>The first time the disks were installed all appeared to be correct except 
>that I was perhaps not using the right commands to use LateX (while in a 
>new text page in Winshell, a message kept popping up telling me to check 
>"options" when I clicked "LateX"--once in "options" I did not know what I 
>should choose next).
>  Sadly, I do not find the "help" menus very helpful, nowhere do I find 
> anything that tells which options to choose. Could you suggest a 
> "step-by-step" installing and how-to-use source?
>I am sure you understand that this is very frustrating and apologize for 
>any inconvenience.
>I will be very grateful for any help you can provide.
>Eugen Simanek
>Professor of Physics