[tex-live] new install concept for TeXLive

Fabrice Popineau Fabrice.Popineau@supelec.fr
22 Mar 2001 16:44:39 +0100

* Sebastian Rahtz <sebastian.rahtz@computing-services.oxford.ac.uk> writes:

> I would vote, 100%, for freezing the existing install system for
> Unix as is, and start offering a much better one for those willing
> to install wxPython. otherwise we never advance

Well, the problem is a bit of a lower level. It seems possible to run
a wxPython program under windows with just a few dlls and files in the
current directory. What about the other OS ? If people need to install
this stuff to run the installer, just drop the idea. If we can get
this stuff to run easily off the cdrom, then we can expect to rewrite
the setup and configuration program in a much nicer way.

>From what I have seen up to now, there are 2 big differences between
perl/tk and wxpython :
1 - much less files needed to run python, I don't know how to build a
standalone perl script using the DOM parser without a bunch of files
in perl/lib/ . With python, you can compile a bytecode object and run
it using a runtime stub.
2 - wxWindows uses native controls whereas tk uses (ugly, but that's
my opinion) its own controls. Moreover tk lacks many controls.

This needs a bit of investigation and opinions. But it is appealing.