[tex-live] texlive-20010307.iso.bz2 + Solaris

Kaja P. Christiansen kaja@daimi.au.dk
Tue, 20 Mar 2001 12:46:48 +0100

Sebastian Rahtz writes:

 > Michael Wiedmann writes:
 >  >   At the beginning of the debug output I see some suspect lines:
 >  > 
 >  > kdebug:fopen(/cdrom_server/texlive6/bin/sparc-solaris2.7/kpsewhich, r) =>
 >  > 0x31310
 >  > kdebug:fclose(0x31310) => 0
 >  > lstat(/cdrom_server/texlive6/bin) failed ...
 >  > /cdrom_server/texlive6/bin: Value too large for defined data type

I could not reproduce the error with my sources and fetched today
the iso image to see what's there. The error message would indicate
a problem with 64 bit file size/offset, but could also be caused by
negative file timestamps.

 > wow. thats impressive! any else have any comment on this? Kaja, what
 > boxes do you have?

We have sun ultra's (many flavors) and sparcstations 4 (also a few classics,
but they run as xterminals and won't do). All run solaris7 or solaris8.
Compilation was done on ultra 250 (as last year).