[tex-live] TL6 master underway

Arthur Ogawa ogawa@teleport.com
Tue, 17 Jul 2001 14:52:15 -0700

Sebastian Rahtz wrote:

> TUG Office writes:
>  > ...I'll send a proof copy to Art Ogawa,
>  > Patricia Monohon and Wendy McKay for more testing.

> aren't they all Mac users? they do realize there is no Mac support at
> all on there?

Thanks for the heads-up Sebastian. 

1. Yes, some of the abovementioned can do testing under platforms other
than Mac OS. And I believe that Robin was also to call Karl Berry to see
if he could help proof the TL6 master on one of his machines.

Anyone who could help in the proofing, please post here.

2. I hope to be able to make a compelling case for Mac OS X binaries on
TL7. I'll be standing by on this one.