[tex-live] TL6 face

Arthur Ogawa ogawa@teleport.com
Thu, 19 Apr 2001 10:02:52 -0700

"Kaja P. Christiansen" wrote:

> TL6 has the Web2c version


>  > I am considering adding DK-TUG, Estonian Users Group, the Greek TUG.
>  > What are the official acronyms for these groups?

> DK TUG (should be: DK-TUG)


> It would be nice to add more groups, but there isn't much room left
> on the cover.

No big.

> my feeling is that the artwork should be reserved for the LUGs.

Uh, I intended to post it where anyone could get it, just like the ISO
image. This should not be a problem for anyone.

> ...making this particular version of the CD
> a little special would be a small token of appreciation for the work LUGs
> are doing.

LUGs get their name on the TL face, and they get TL at a bulk rate. I
hope they are satisfied with that much. Exclusivity is not available anymore.

> Btw, there shouldn't have been made any changes to ftp.tug.org/texlive
> (apart from recent removal of 1999 binaries). What material is missing?

The TeX Live face art for TL5 that I posted there last year. I do not
usually go around checking that files I put up on tug.org are not moved
by others, but I can hardly prevent root users from doing this. 

All I am asking is for people to coodinate with me before moving stuff I
put up. So, I would like to know what directory would be a good place
for the face art. I will use /home/httpd/html/texlive/tldoc unless
someone has a suggestion.

Arthur Ogawa