Fixing TeX_Live n post facto

Peter Flynn
Wed, 28 Jun 2000 16:38:03 +0100 (BST)

Nelson writes:
> Preparation of TeX_Live-n CD ROM releases is a huge job, for which
> we all owe a very large debt of gratitude to all of the folks who
> contributed to making it work.

Yes indeed. I don't know how they get more than 24 hours out of each
day to do this. It's an incredibly hard task very well performed.

> Inevitably, however, there will be a few problems that only get
> discovered after thousands of CDs are distributed.
> This suggests that it could be helpful to maintain at TeX archive

If it's worth anything, I aim to update my local doc on how to
install TL{4,5} which is currently at{pdf,ps}.gz

This is a painfully detailed mouseclick-by-mouseclick guide which the
seasoned user will rightly ignore, but which has solved our
install-support problem so we don't have to visit every user's lab or

Similarly to what you suggest (as-is, not as-updated) this will
therefore obviously be a snapshot to parallel the distributed CD-ROM,
not an evolving document (except in the sense that I would redo it for
TL6, TL7, etc).

I am de-UCC'ing it for TL5 so it becomes a generic public document
which I would probably send out with any of our (ITALIC) copies of 
the CD-ROM. Or upload to CTAN if anyone thinks it worthwhile.