ltr to lugs

Volker RW Schaa
Tue, 06 Jun 2000 14:17:20 +0200

TUG Office wrote on Mon, 05 Jun 2000 09:32:00
>Dear Mr. Schaa,
> We have completed the final edit of two letters to be sent to various lugs
> (copied below),
> which I had hoped to mail today.   After reading the message (directly
> below) from Sebastian
> I am sufficiently confused and wonder how we might coordinate this
> effort?  Are you sending
> a letter to the lugs as well?  How many CD's are you thinking of ordering
> and at what cost?
> Would you like to handle the entire copy process and send CD's to TUG as
> Sebastian suggests?
> I am happy to work with you however you advise, but know there is a
> pressing concern to get
> the word out to lugs, thus receiving order information so that we may
> proceed in whatever
> method seems the most logical.
> At this point I guess I will standby until I hear otherwise?
> Thank-you.
> Sincerely,
> Robin Laakso
> TUG Office Manager

dear Robin,
I replied to your mail "TeXLive5 Order" on May, 15th with

> We (DANTE e.V.) were thinking about a production in
> Europe due to the very high Dollar exchange rate.
> We can discuss this matter when I'm back 

I hope you got this mail?!

  In the meantime the dollar has come down a bit :), so the
price wouldn't be such a problem, but as I learned from our
editor, the next issue of 'Die TeXnische Komoedie' is due.
And we have to send out the TL5 CD with issue 2/2000 (3/2000
gets the 3 CTAN-CDs in a digi file cover and will be sent out
in September -- that's too late and postage is too expensive
putting an additional CD in).
  We are now considering to press just the needed 2100 (-/+ 100)
copies for us.

Sebastian Rahtz wrote:
> In my view, the most important task in front of you is to liaise with
> Volker Schaa in Dante, who wants to press CDs in Europe. Possibly it
> might be sensible to do that, and have him ship TUG several
> thousand. Pressing two different sets would be really silly, but
> thats what will happen until the left hand talks to the right
> hand. When Volker asked me about it, I said

  In general it would be possible to press *all* TL5 CDs in Europe
(might be even cheeper for all $-countries) and ship them to the LUGs,
but the schedule for us is quite tight. And collecting orders takes
its time... and at the moment we are not prepared to ship loads of
CDs somewhere due to the holiday season starting last week in June
(and there will be nobody in the DANTE bureau). So I have no idea
how to prevent pressing two different sets. Do you??

  Sebastian's idea about saving money by reusing the glass masters
is (nearly) impossible as I was told, because they seldom fit in other
machines. And, I won't get the glass master. I asked three companies
here and they refused to give them away. And they told me, if you
order 3000 CDs or more the glass master is always free of charge.

> Howsabout some of you guys booking up for TUG 2000?
  Happened yesterday :))


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